Acting Chipinge Town secretary bemoans dearth of industry


CHIPINGE– Chipinge acting Town Secretary, James Mutemera has bemoaned the dearth of big industry in the town with informal business entities now accounting for 80% of the business sector.

He said 1 270 vendors registered by the town council evade and don’t pay tax. He said mushikashikas (transport operators) must register with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development and vendors with Zimra and National Social Security Authority (NSSA) so that they contribute to the national fiscus.

Speaking at the official opening of Chipinge Business Expo yesterday (Friday), Mutemera said only 20% of business in the town is formal with the rest comprising vendors most of whom evade paying taxes.

He said it is therefore the 20% who are mainly contributing to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the small farming town. 

He said that the town no longer has big industries after Delta Beverages left the town five years ago. Dairiboard is the only big company that is still in Chipinge

“Chipinge does not have big industries since the closure of Delta Beverages five years ago. We only have Dairiboard as the only noticeable industry. We however, look forward to two companies Dexing and Parrogate coming on stream soon. 

He said a strategy for the town is to assist Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to grow so that they can contribute to the town’s GDP. 

He said that the town council has 1 270 registered vendors. Those who are operating in flea markets are 400 whilst vegetable vendors are 270. Mobile vendors are 600.  

“We have 1270 registered vendors in our data base and these are informal. They are not contributing to Government in terms of taxes. There is need for them to formally register with ZIMRA and NSSA. Mushikashika also needs to register with the Ministry of Transport,” said Mutemera. 

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