After many attempts, Zvobgo wins ZANU PF primaries

Brilliant Mukaro

MASVINGO – Perennial contestant Eddison Zvobgo Jnr finally won ZANU PF primary elections after presenting himself in party polls for the last 18 years.
Results released by the party national commissar Mike Bimha show that Zvobgo who is the son of the late flamboyant politician, Eddison Mudadigwa Zvobgo is the 2023 Zanu PF candidate for Masvingo Central Constituency.
Zvobgo beat Benjamin Mazarire, Fainos Makwarimba, Victor Charumbira and Acheson Mpandawana in the primaries. Ironically Zvobgo was beaten by Mazarire when they clashed in party primaries in Masvingo Urban in 2018. Mazarire, however went on to lose the elections to an MDC T candidate.
ZANU PF provincial spokesperson Pepukai Chiwewe also confirmed Zvobgo’s victory.
Zvobgo raised people’s expectations when he declared at his father’s death in 2004 that he was joining politics and would walk the father’s footsteps.
In 2013 he participated in the Central Committee polls and lost to Edmund Mhere.

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