Beitbridge doctor in court for ‘raping’ wife

Rebecca Mazvidza

BEITBRIDGE-Regional Magistrate Innocent Bepura has denied an application to put a Beitbridge medical doctor (name withheld) on remand for allegedly raping his estranged wife.
The State had applied for the doctor to be put on remand as it gathers evidence. Magistrate Bepura however, denied the application and ruled that the case will proceed by way of summons.
The rape incident allegedly happened on April 5, 2023, around 8 am. The doctor and his estranged wife are staying separately.
On the day, the doctor was driving his estranged wife to her workplace at Beitbridge Border Post and he indicated that he wanted to stop by his house to collect his gym gloves and sneakers.
The wife agreed to go with him as she wanted to collect toys left behind by their son. After arriving, the wife went to the doctor’s bedroom to collect the toys and the doctor allegedly followed her.
He allegedly tried to kiss and caress the woman who pushed him away and refused to have sexual intercourse with him.
The doctor allegedly raped her once before dropping her at her workplace where she narrated her ordeal to her friend.
She filed a Police report 13 days later. Claudius Karinga prosecuted.

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