Boxers should only rely on training

Roseline Mutare 

GWERU-International boxing instructor Prosper Moyana has urged young boxers not to abuse drugs when preparing for tournaments. 
He told The Mirror in an interview that drugs (steroids included) are detrimental to health and weigh down the boxer when fighting.
Moyana, who runs Mox Boxing Fitness, said fighters should rely on their training and have confidence in themselves.
 “It is not advisable for someone to use drugs before a fight, for this will weaken the boxer, so I would urge all boxers to rely much on training and believe in themselves.
“It is sad that most youth are not taking this game seriously but they should consider the amount of money they pay to train and should work hard to succeed in their trainings,” Moyana said.
He emphasized that drugs are not good for the performance of a boxer and jeopardize their chances of winning matches. 
Moyana also highlighted that upcoming boxers should take their training seriously as they are paying at least US$60 training fees monthly.

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