Cattle thieving cops nabbed at roadblock

TWO members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Support Unit were last week arrested at a police roadblock in Murewa after being found in possession of stolen beef.

Admire Machipisa and Kudzanai Hwingwiri were stopped at a roadblock, but Hwingwiri escaped.

According to a police memo, the duo stole an ox from a villager, Elizabeth Gwangwadza.

It is alleged that in the wee hours of last Friday, Mutawatawa police details Sergeant Nyarupota, Constables Vuma, Makaza, Madzivadondo, Chiorese, Vare and Jakachira teamed up on operation No to Bangamuto at Magunje turnoff, along the Murewa-Madicheche Road.

While at a roadblock carrying out the operation, a Nissan Sylphy approached from the Mutawatawa direction and Makaza waved it to stop.

When the vehicle stopped, Makaza demanded to search it after introducing himself and Hwingwiri got out of the vehicle pretending to be going to the boot.

He said his boot had problems opening and switched off the engine before fleeing from the scene.

Madzivadondo and Chiorese ran after him, but they failed to catch him.

Machipisa was arrested as he tried to exit the vehicle.

A search was conducted and carcass of an ox was discovered in the boot.

Police identity cards of the two and a fully charged magazine of an AK-47 rifle were also recovered from the vehicle.

Upon questioning, the accused indicated that they had stolen an ox from a cattle pen in Mutarimanja village.

The stolen ox was valued at US$300.

The case is under ZRP Mutawatawa RRB number 4933603. Hwingwiri is yet to be accounted for. Newsday

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