Chibhoraniland fast becoming Pamperland


Please hear me Chibhoraniland citizens, have you noticed that Chibhoraniland our beautiful country is fast becoming Pamperland. You heard me, Pamperland. Pamperland is a country that has pampers strewn all over the place especially where they should never be.

Gone are the days of the white and fluffy baby napkin. Back then moving around the country you could easily tell without failure that there is a baby at a homestead when you saw baby napkins hanging on the wash line. These days you will not see any napkins drying outside. The napkin has been replaced by the pamper which is some kind of disposable napkin that is used only once and subsequently disposed of quickly unlike the napkin that was used and reused even by the next baby or babies. I have no problem with the disposal of the pamper. What is worrisome and disgusting is how it is currently disposed of by our Pamperland womenfolk. What you cannot fail to notice today are pampers thrown all over especially in high density residential areas. Pampers along streets, roads and foot paths, pampers in the bush, pampers on self-made dumpsites close to houses, pampers along rivers and streams, pampers in water drains, pampers at the edges of residential areas and pampers here and there. Mind you with the rains upon us many of the pampers are ending up in our water sources. I am not so sure if the fish do enjoy what pampers have to offer as possible fish meal, but the idea of us humans polluting our own water with used pampers is nauseating.

The pamper might have its advantages over the traditional napkin. No need to carry your baby’s poo wrapped up in piece of cloth until you can wash it at home. More problems come in the rain season when sometimes you cannot dry the washed napkins after washing all of them. So up came the convenient pamper but with the main challenge of how to get rid of it in a responsible way. Dear mothers, you have turned our country into Pamperland. My appeal goes to you. Please, please let us get rid of pampers in a responsible way. So says Sekuru Taurai.     

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