Chimanimani female bartender stabs customer over change

Fungayi Munyoro-Chingaira

CHIMANIMANI – A female bartender from Chimanimani has been arrested after she allegedly stabbed a customer twice with an okapi knife for demanding his change. The incident took place on Monday.
Paul Masaiti of Ngangu in Chimanimani sustained deep cuts on the chest and was rushed to Chimanimani District Hospital after he was attacked by Arther Manyange (22) at Mudluri Bar at Ngangu Business Centre in Chimanimani.
Manicaland Police Spokesperson Nobert Muzondo confirmed Manyange’s arrest.

Muzondo said Masaiti bought a quart of Castle Lager at US$1.50 and handed Manyange US$5 and the equivalent of US$0.50 in ZWL expecting US$4 change.
Manyange gave him US$3 instead of US$4. The two had a heated argument and Manyange disappeared into one of the rooms and came back armed with a knife. She allegedly stabbed Masaiti once on the right side of the chest and once on the left side of the chest.
He sustained deep cuts and was taken to Chimanimani District Hospital where he was referred to Mutambara Mission Hospital for further treatment.
Muzondo urged members of the public to desist from using violence in solving issues.

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