Chipinge Town Council receives $4,9m road fund

Fungayi Munyoro-Chingaira

Chipinge Times Reporter

CHIPINGE- Chipinge Town Council has so far received $4,9 million of the $49 million allocated it for 2022 by the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara).

The amount was allocated under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP2) Fund.

The local authority’s chairman, Lovemore Mukwapati confirmed receipt of the amount to Chipinge Times and said the money will be used for pothole patching.

Manicaland as a province received a total of $664,35 million.

“Our total allocation is $49 million and we have so far we received $4,9 million from Zinara. The money will be used for pothole patching and resealing. We will also use part of it for resurfacing roads,” he said.

“We are grateful for the money received but it is not much when we look at the work that is before us. We are in need of more funds. Most of our roads were damaged by cyclones unlike other towns and cities. Road maintance becomes so expensive. We will have a stakeholder meeting where we will discuss and see what we can do using the money, ” he said.

Chipinge Town Council has a road network of about 140km.

ZINARA has so far disbursed $5 billion out of a total of $16 billion to four road authorities- District Development Fund (DDF), Department of Roads and Rural and urban local authorities.

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