Chipinge woman attempts suicide over court ruling

Fungayi Munyoro-Chingaira


CHIPINGE – A 23-year-old Chipinge woman attempted to commit suicide at Chipinge Magistrates Court last week after Magistrate Alfred Chinembiri granted her father a peace order that he had applied against her and other siblings.

Tsitsi Sithole of Kopera Village under Chief Mapungwana produced a bottle containing an unknown insecticide and tried to gulp the contents.

Security personnel and onlookers had to fight and retrieve the bottle from her.

Tsitsi’s father Luke Sithole was granted a protection order against Tsitsi and her two siblings. The three were accused of harassing their father who they accused of bewitching them.

Magistrate Chinembiri passed a default judgment since Tsitsi and her siblings arrived late for the court and this did not go down well with Tsitsi.

Tsitsi said she consulted a spiritual healer who told her that her father murdered someone and the avenging spirit was affecting the family. She also said some family members were dying mysteriously as a result of what her father did.

Tsitsi and her siblings had dragged their father to a community court but he did not attend. She said she was surprised when her father sought for a protection order against her and her siblings.

In his affidavit, Luke said that Tsitsi and her siblings were disturbing his peace with his wife. He also stated that they were visiting him armed with dangerous weapons accusing him of being responsible for their misfortunes.

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