Chironde residents ‘retire’ from machete gangs now into farming 


SHURUGWI – Farmers in ward 19 Chironde, in Shurugwi have promised the agritex officer that they are nolonger into machete gangs but have resorted into farming as they  gathered at Chironde Business Centre where they received Presidential inputs during a maize distribution launch last Thursday.

A total of 936 farmers benefited from the program in the ward.

 The resettlement area was popularly known in assaulting people with machetes.

All government departments sent their representatives to grace the event which was launched in Chironde as the ward became the highest in participating in Pfumvudza concept.

Simon Manenji who is the Zanu PF chairman and also a member of the Johane Marange told the gathering that there is always news that their area has been dominated by makorokoza who engage into machete fighting for the precious mineral which is found in the area but now they are into farming . He also said the rate of machetes has decreased since everyone now is concentrating on farming.

“ We are no longer participating in machete activities here in Chironde and  we are now focusing into Pfumvudza. Everyone is getting maize seed and fertilizer besides the party affiliation we don’t discriminate people . People must be free to come to Chironde .There is nothing to benefit except lose of lives,” said Manenji.

Manenji added that people should marry as many wives as they can because it will help in good yield and cheap labour .

“ Its better to marry many wives than fighting with machetes and get nothing except jail term . I myself I got three wive and they help me in farming we did eight plots in Pfumvudza and we sent every crop we harvest to the GMB so that others can benefit from us. We hail our President for the Pfumvudza program,” added Manenji.

District Agritex Officer Musa Gozho encouraged famers to embrace the Pfumvudza concept with two hands as it will transform them from small scale farming to commercial.

“As Shurugwi District  let us embrace the Pfumvudza concept and encourage other people to join Pfumvudza as the program boost the yield. We expected five plots per farmer and two plots are compulsory for maize seed whilst the remaining  three plots are for anything of your choice like beans, sunflowers. We had launched the maize distribution here in ward 19 because you came first in Pfumvudza,” said Gozho.

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