Drug ‘peddlers’ still in remand prison

Kudzai Mupasi


MASVINGO– The trials of two drug dealers, Monica Mambengu and Mary Chisi have failed to kick off at Masvingo Magistrates Court for nearly a month because the presiding Magistrate, Elizabeth Hanzi is ill.

Magistrates Rethagtketsi Silaigwana and Tafadzwa Mhlanga have postponed the cases for the third time.

Magistrate Silaigwana postponed Mambengu’s trial to April 20, 2023, on Wednesday while Magistrate Mhlanga postponed Chisi’s case to April 20, 2023. 

Mambengu was arrested by Police detectives on March 10, 2023, after a tip off as she disembarked from a taxi near Flamboyant Hotel. Police recovered 58.5 grams of crystal meth. 

She initially appeared in court on March 14, 2023 and the matter was postponed by Magistrate Hanzi to March 17, 2023. Mambengu then appeared before Magistrate Silaigwana who postponed the matter to March 21, 2023 on the grounds that Hanzi was ill.

Magistrate Silaigwana then again postponed the matter to April 4, 2023 and yesterday postponed it to April 20, 2023.

Mambengu is represented by Martin Mureri of Matutu Mureri Legal Practitioners. 

Chisi popularly known as Mai Shantel was arrested on March 9, 2023 with 19.9618 grams of crystal meth at her house number 2448/9 in Majange.

She initially appeared before Magistrate Hanzi on March 11, 2023, and her bail hearing was postponed on March 14, 2023 by Magistrate Silaigwana. Magistrate Hanzi denied Chisi bail on March 16, 2023 but did not give reasons for denying the bail.

The case was then postponed to April 4 and Magistrate Mhlanga further postponed it to April 19, 2023.

She is represented by Omen Mafa of Mutendi, Mudisi and Shumba Legal Practitioners. 

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