From rags to riches; The Chibhoraniland politician


Now that Chibhoraniland people have voted, let us see where the knobkerrie and the fruit will fall. They came from different parties with some almost begging for votes. The funny thing here is that during campaign time they come begging for votes with hats under their armpits dishing food and drinks to woo us. They are all smiles and want to shake hands with everyone from the poorest to the richest. You will actually see them sitting on a pile of bricks under a tree sharing a Scud with local villagers. They will be at every funeral and make sure they are visible. However, after winning our votes they come back, if at all they come back, as powerful, untouchable dignitaries who can only be seen after making an appointment that is often rejected. While campaigning they gave the usual promises of milk and honey that will continuously flow after being voted into power. They assure us that Chibhoraniland will rise from the ashes of poverty on the way to becoming a country where everyone, rural or urban, will be drawing clean water from taps right inside the house. No more blair toilets, of course. No more raw sewage flowing in our streets and rivers. No more rubbish heaped along streets and avenues. No more black markets. No more corruption. No more joblessness. No more sick people. No more potholes. No more this and that. They tell us Chibhoraniland will be re-baptized to be called Milk & Honeyland or Honey & Milkland, depending on what you want to eat first and eat you will until you cannot eat any more.
Well, let us wait and see. The mouth talks and that is very easy, anyone can talk. It is the hand that delivers and that is not so easy, very few are able to give what they promised because giving is difficult, expensive and painful. When giving you are expected to give your most valued resource which is your very self and giving without counting the cost. However what we notice in Chibhoraniland is that those who are voted into political positions actually move from rags to riches in no time. I heard that this former youthful and revolutionary Burkina Faso president by the name of Tom Sankara when he was shot dead in a coup he had nothing to his name except a bicycle, a car and a guitar. Yes you will say what about his mansion or mansions. I am told he was actually a lodger. As a result of his policies he was called a man of the people. Come to Chibhoraniland and this president of ours was living in a multimillion residence and owning more million dollar residences outside the country. Other politicians are no exception. Voted by the people and for the people politicians should serve the people, so says Sekuru Taurai. Ndazvitaura nhasi, ndichazvitaura mangwana.

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