Hwedza Govt offices complete

ONLY a few touch-ups are left on the construction of the Hwedza district Government Complex being built
at Hwedza centre in Mashonaland East ahead of its official opening later this year.
Construction of the district offices is being funded by Government, which is keen to ensure its employees,
who are scattered around, often in rented premises, are housed under one roof, a measure which will also
expedite service delivery across the district.
Also, the district civil registry offices are above 95 percent complete, where e-passport services will be
offered, among other important services.
Completion of these offices will be a major benefit to Hwedza people, who are currently travelling to
Marondera or Harare for passports applications.
The Second Republic is committed to ensure that critical services are accessed by all, closer to their
homes and is making sure all stalled projects which bring these services to the people are completed.
This week, the Permanent Secretary for Presidential Affairs and Monitoring Implementation of
Government Programmes, Ms Fananai Madambi, who was representing the Minister of State for
Presidential Affairs and Monitoring Implementation of Government Programmes Dr Jorum Gumbo, toured
these offices to have an appreciation of construction progress.
“I am pleased to be here today at this important event where we are witnessing the progress in the
construction of the Hwedza Government composite office block and the Registrarʼs offices which are being
implemented under the auspices of the 100-Day cycle programme.”
She said the two buildings showed the commitment by Government to develop rural communities as well
as bringing basic services closer to the people. More importantly they were in sync with the Constitution
which in Section 13 stated: “The State and all institutions and agencies of government at every level to
endeavour to facilitate rapid and equitable development and bring about balanced development of the
different areas of Zimbabwe, in particular a proper balance in the development of rural and urban areas”.
Citizens want public services in reasonable time and in a professional manner. But that requires public
servants to have the necessary infrastructure to deliver. “It is therefore regrettable that for a long time,
Hwedza District did not have adequate office space to accommodate all Government departments.
“It is for this reason that the Second Republic has committed itself to ensure that all stalled projects are
completed in order to benefit the targeted communities. Regrettably, the Hwedza Government composite
office block and Registrarʼs offices fall in this category of stalled projects.
“The office block was started in 2003 and Registrarʼs offices in 2002 but both stalled due to funding
challenges. A lot of progress has now been made,” Ms Madambi said.
“The successful completion of the Government office complex will no doubt alleviate the institutional
accommodation challenges that have for a long time affected Government departments in this district. In
addition to improving the ambience of the Hwedza rural environment, the composite office block will also
help reduce Government expenditure on renting private sector office space.”
“I am happy that once the Registrar Generalʼs offices are completed, they will bring relief to the Hwedza
community because they will no longer have to travel long distances to Marondera to get important
documents such as passports, birth and death certificates whose access is guaranteed by the Constitution.
In addition, the offices will help to de-congest the Marondera offices since services will now be locally
“Allow me to commend the Department of Public Works and the contractors for their efforts to have the
structures at the level they are today. The preference for local contractors is indeed commendable and
resonates with His Excellencyʼs philosophy that Nyika Inovakwa Nevene Vayo. In addition, it will promote
the growth and viability of the local construction industry and the creation of more jobs in the sector”. The
Hwedza community has applauded the Second Republic for the developments.
Mr Better Choto said travelling to other towns for services like passports issuance will now be history.
“Our lives are changing for the better. The New Dispensation has brought this development to the people
and we are grateful.
“Many people are sleeping at Makombe building in Harare just to apply for a passport. However, that will
soon be history. We will get our passports nearer and we are thankful,” he said. Mr Peter Mutsatsa also
from Hwedza said Governmentʼs decision to also develop rural areas is a step in the right direction.
“We will get all our services in one place. We pray that these offices are finished soon so that we are
Ms Emily Phiri also from Hwedza said they will no longer have to spend a lot of money travelling to Harare
for passports and other documents.
She called on Government employees to work hard and serve the nation.
“It is pleasing to note that we will get all services at one place. We will not have to walk up and down
across Hwedza Centre for Government services. What President Mnangagwa has done for us is
commendable, we thank him for this development.” Herald

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