Hyenas wreaking havoc in Mutasa

Martin Muleya


MUTARE -Hyenas are causing havoc in Mt. Jenya, Matengambiri, Manhede and Mundenda villages in Mu tasa District, Manicaland where they are killing livestock and causing villagers to live in fear.

Zimbabwe National Parks and W ildlife Management (ZimParks) spokesperson Tinashe Farawo confirmed the matter. He however, said ZimParks rangers are stretched as they are dealing with similar cases across Manicaland Province.

“We have received a report and can confirm that there are hyenas wreaking havoc in Mt. Jenya and other surrounding areas. Unfortunately, at the moment we are a bit stretched because we are also in Makoni West where we are reacting to the same problem. 

“However, we are encouraging our communities to try by all means to look after their livestock. They should not leave their livestock unattended to. Villagers should immediately contact us when hyenas attack and our reaction teams will be on the ground,” said Farawo.

Mutasa Central legislator Trevor Saruwaka said the hyenas invaded Mt Jenya, Matengambiri, Manhede and Mundenda villages in October 2022 and have been killing livestock.

“For the past month I have received reports of hyenas causing havoc in Mt. Jenya and surrounding areas. The affected communities are now living in fear of human life losses. There have been incidents of people being mauled by hyenas in Buhera, Bikita and Zaka. We appeal to ZimParks for help,” said Saruwaka.

Mutasa DDC Caroline Mudawariwo however, said no cattle deaths have been recorded. She also said that she was alerted over the matter last week and has since informed ZimParks.

“It is true that there are hyenas in Manhede area. I was alerted last week Friday and I have since informed ZimParks,” said Mudawariro.

Manhede villager Danny Mawondo told Chipinge Times that he lost three cattle to the hyenas and the hyenas are attacking at night at around 11pm. He pleaded for ZimParks to urgently deal with the hyenas. 

“I lost three cattle and my neighbour also lost two cattle. We hear the hyenas laughing at around 11pm as they approach cattle pens every day. Most villagers have resorted to keeping their cattle in pens and away from paddocks,” said Mawondo.

Early this month the Government approved the establishment of the Human-Wildlife Conflict Relief Fund victims due to the increased number of conflicts and fight for limited resources between humans and wildlife.

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