Man living with albinism appeals for US$1 200 for operation 



MUTARE-Isaac Dube (35) of Mutare, living with albinism and struggling to make ends meet, is appealing for US$1 200 to undergo an operation to remove a cancerous growth in his left eye.

Dube of Chirasika Village in Bocha told The Mirror Helpline that he was diagnosed with rare skin cancer in 2016. The cancerous tumour has affected his eye, and the operation is to remove the tumour before it spreads. 

Dube struggles to buy sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and a hat to avoid direct sun rays and now shies from public gatherings.

“Doctors diagnosed me with rare skin cancer in 2016. My left eye has become slightly affected, but I still have sight. The doctors said they wanted to remove the growth before it spreads to the right eye.

“This condition started in 2010, and I got treatment, but the situation worsened in 2015. I have failed to recover because I could not buy sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and a hat as I am unemployed.

“In 2009, I went to seek employment in Chiadzwa at the diamond mining companies, and they all rejected me because of my albinism,” lamented Dube.

You can contact Dube at +263776 168 810 or The Mirror Helpline at +263775691380/ +263719280534

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