Man stabs father over cigarette

Sibonguthando Dube

MBERENGWA-Magistrate Mehluli Moyo sentenced a Mberengwa man to nine months in prison for assaulting and stabbing his father over a cigarette on Tuesday.
Tinomuvonga Mufandaedza (28) of Gwaru Village, Chief Mudavanhu kicked his father, Tabaraisa Mufandaedza (73), in the ribs, stabbed his right-hand fingers and struck him with an axe handle all over the body. Mufandaedza escaped the assault after he pulled Tinomuvonga’s testicles.
Magistrate Moyo commuted the sentence to 175 hours of community service at Ruvabvu Pre-School.
The incident happened on April 15, 2023.
Prosecutor Ali Mutausi told the court that the two were sitting in a kitchen, and Tinomuvonga asked his father for a cigarette.
Mufandaedza refused. This angered the former, who began shouting at his father.
Tinomuvonga then grabbed his father by the leg, stepped on his ribs and attempted to stab him in the stomach using an okapi knife. His father blocked the attack, and Tinomuvinga stabbed his father’s right-hand fingers. He then picked up an axe handle and assaulted his father several times all over the body.
Mufandaedza grabbed his son’s testicles and escaped the assault. He then filed a Police report.

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