Mbuya Chibvunze turns 105 in good health


Turning 105 in good health in a country where life expectancy is 63 years is a miracle.
Mbuya Grace Chibvunze turned 105 on May 4, 2023, and celebrated her life with family and friends over the weekend at her homestead at Chiroodza Village in Domboshava, Harare.

Her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren attended the celebrations.
Mbuya Chibvunze’s daughter-in-law, Beauty Chibvunze, described her as a compassionate, loving, and caring granny.
“I thank God for keeping Gogo for us. She nurtured me to be who I am today. She made my stay as a new bride in 1987 easy because she always lightened the mood.

“Even in her old age, she has remained a unifier and is always joyful. There are no dull moments with her. She is healthy and loves visiting her grandchildren,” said Chibvunze.
Some secrets to Mbuya Chibvunze’s long life are her love for traditional foods and peace of mind, and abiding by bible teachings and exercise.
Her family members said she prefers rapoko mealie-meal over maize mealie meal. She can still walk without an aide or a stick.
Her fourth grandson, Mathew Zorwadza, described Mbuya Chibvunze as a devout Christian who fostered her love in the family.
“I grew up staying with Gogo, and she has remained a loving and jovial person. She loves talking about God, family and encouraging love. I wish to reach her age,” said Zvorwadza.

Mbuya Chibvunze was born on May 4, 1918. She married Thomas Chibvunze and was widowed in 1988. She has always been a housewife.
The couple was blessed with five children, and two are still alive. Mbuya Chibvunze has 16 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.
She is a member of the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.
Zvorwadza also told The Mirror that his grandmother, who had five children, three boys and two girls, is left with two children now. The living children are Jonah and Barbra Chibvunze.

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