Police officer humiliated by a pregnant lover


BUHERA – A Murambinda Police officer’s pregnant lover who ignored a peace order and went on to assault and humiliate her boyfriend in public will serve 11 months in prison.

Gamuchirai Chiendambuya (19) who had a suspended one-month sentence for assaulting Pardon Muchabaiwa repeated the same offence within weeks of the sentence.

Buhera magistrate Poterai Gwezhira had no option but to slap the accused with a mandatory 11-month jail term after realising that despite being ordered not to commit a similar offence within five years she went on to do that.

Magistrate Gwezhira told the court that the accused person was warned by the courts not to commit the same offense in a prescribed period of 5 years but she committed it less than a year.

Chiendambuya met Muchabaiwa in Murambinda town’s central business district and demanded money for her upkeep, she hauled the police officer, held his belt and dragged him in full glare of the public.

Muchabaiwa reported Chiendambuya to Police leading to her arrest. The state was represented by Tawonga Mawire.

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