Promoters should respect artists-Ras Mande

Kudzai Mupasi


MASVINGOMasvingo Dancehall-Reggae artist Admire Mande popularly known as Ras Mande has called on music promoters to be trustworthy and not abuse or dupe upcoming artists.

Ras Mande had a chat with The Mirror and he bemoaned how artists are being made to perform for peanuts despite having signed lucrative contracts with promoters.

He also urged artists to have professional managers and be on the lookout for ‘fake’ promoters who benefit from their work at their expense.

“Many promoters are not sincere and are duping artists. Most artists’ especially budding ones are performing for less than US$50 despite being promised around US$150-200.  We need credible and trustworthy promoters who understand the plight of artists.

“I once quit music because of these ‘fake’ promoters who promise artists fat cheques but do not deliver and always give excuses. We have abundant talent but the promoters are the only ones benefiting from our work,” said Ras Mande.

Ras Mande is undoubtedly one of the Ancient City’s top artists with two albums to his name and having shared the stage with top artists like Winky D. He also has collaborated with Silent Killer and Baba Raah Africa

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