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I am sure you will concur when I say that a nation is built on the foundation of the family unit. Destroy that foundation and the nation will crumble. Fellow Chibhoraniland citizens our beautiful motherland is crumbling simply because its foundation, the family, is being destroyed. Yes, you might say there goes another prophet of doom. No, I am not a prophet, never been to Nigeria to get prophetic powers. I am just speaking like your Sekuru and my arguments are based on research and verified statistics from reputable organisations and institutions.
Now hold on, don’t get frightened but you will end up worried and might suffer from High Blood Pressure. Here is some startling statistic for you from the Judiciary Service Commission, JSC in short. They are saying that from their findings 30% or 30 out of every 100 new marriages are collapsing within five years. Quite disturbing isn’t it? These are divorce cases handled by the courts. Going to matare amadzishe or the traditional courts the chiefs are also facing a steep rise in divorce cases as confirmed by one of the esteemed chiefs by the name of Chief Ndima Chimareketa. So indeed the family unit is under destruction.
Everything happens because of a reason. There are quite a number of reasons cited that contribute significantly to the breakdown of marriages in Chibhoraniland. Infidelity or one leg in the house, the other leg outside, is widespread and killing marriages. Spouses get tired of cheating spouses and end up calling it quits. Gender based violence tops the list. Couples are bashing each other with males of course being the major culprits. When the breadwinner becomes a breadloser and fails to bring bread home this often leads to permanent separation with the wife seeking greener pastures. Communication strengthens relationships. During dating communication is easy and sweeter than honey. However something happens after the beautiful wedding when rinonyenga rosimudza zidzoro raro rawana. There is the issue of long distance marriages where spouses are very far away from each other and rarely or do not see each other. Marshal Munhumumwe of the Four Brothers fame in one of their songs says, “Rudo moto runotoda kukuchidzirwa”. Love is a fire, you need to stoke it up to keep it going otherwise it will just die down. These days young people get married after a very short dating time before they know each other only to discover that they married the wrong person soon after the wedding. There of course more reasons for divorce. In all this things get so bad that we end up hearing of irreconcilable differences. Kukonana zvachose. Try as you may to get aunts, uncles, friends, pastors and counselors to talk to the two former love birds you will not persuade them to reconcile.
As I said before, the family is the foundation of a nation. If it is weakened and destroyed then the nation will be weak and end up destroyed. Let us take strong measures to strengthen our families for Chibhoraniland to be a strong nation, otherwise it will end up being called Divorceland, so says your Sekuru Taurai. Ndazvitaura.

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