Zanu PF’s Nyemudzo jailed 2 years

Fungayi Munyoro-Chingaira

CHIPINGE-Magistrate Franklin Mkwananzi has sentenced disqualified Zanu PF primary election winner for Chipinge South, Robert Nyemudzo to two years in jail.
He will effectively serve 18 months in jail after being found guilty of contravening the Harmful Liquids Act (Chapter 9:10). Six months of the sentence were suspended.
Magistrate Mkwananzi said the State proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.
He also said that Nyemudzo committed a serious offence which affect youth and the future generation.
“This is a serious offence you committed. Youths and future generations have been affected. The brewing of illicit beer is not easily detected.
“The amount of the illicit beer is 20 000 plus multiplied by 200ml, this is too much, and the public would be shocked if the accused was made to pay a fine. A custodial sentence will be a deterrent,” said the Magistrate.
Prosecutor Thulani Zondwayo told the court that on October 29, 2020, around 11 am, Police officers were carrying out an operational order code-named ‘No to illicit alcohol products in Checheche’.
They received information that there was the brewing of illicit beer known as mukozodo/ musombodhiya at Nyemudzo’s homestead.
The police officers approached the homestead and found 15 people mixing ethanol blend with water and packaging it into 200ml plastic bottle containers.
The people were told that there were under arrest for brewing illicit beer. They denied the charge and said they are employed by Nyemudzo.
Police confiscated 20860x100ml of illicit beer, 2380x200ml empty plastic bottle containers, and 6x20litres bottles of diluted ethanol and took them to the police station.
Police advised Nyemudzo to surrender himself to the police the following day.
He was represented by Simon Simango of Nyikadzino and Simango Associates.

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