Zim committed to housing delivery: Garwe

ZIMBABWE remains steadfast and resolute to the development of the African housing delivery agenda,
Minister of Housing and Social Amenities Daniel Garwe yesterday told the 42nd Shelter Afrique Annual
General Meeting and symposium in Abuja, Nigeria.
Minister Garwe, outgoing chairman of Shelter Afrique, said it was Shelter Afriqueʼs responsibility to ensure
that new programmes and products were initiated in order to enhance the delivery of affordable housing
for all.
Africa, through Shelter Afrique, was being challenged to develop new innovative and technology-based
housing solutions that ensure provision of modern and sustainable settlements.
“A Pan-African financing model for affordable housing is required for us to gravitate towards Agenda 2063,”
Minister Garwe said.
“Our 5-year Strategic Plan I referred to earlier on is centred on construction of sustainable, decent, modern
and affordable housing units delivered through well-planned and governed settlements.
“The housing sector has massive potential in employment and wealth creation and this can feed into the
growth of the economies in Africa.
“Construction is an engine for economic growth whose multiplier effects can trigger employment
opportunities for our citizens, women and youths in particular. The AUʼs Agenda 2063, ʻThe Africa We
Wantʼ will be realised if Shelter Afrique develops robust strategies for urbanisation and rural
Significant strides would be made towards the Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goal II if
Africa focused on urban regeneration and rural waste management systems. Rural communities required
access to services such as clean potable water, sanitation and accessible road networks.
“Collectively, we are duty bound to also ensure that we contribute to the welfare of the entire African
citizenry,” Minister Garwe said.
“We owe them a service and inscription will be indelible if we fail to achieve our mandate. Future
generations will curse us if we renege on our collective responsibility.
“This is our time to build and leave behind positive legacies. Our elders always say that fish will not survive
in a dry pond. Similarly, the company will struggle to survive if we do not pay our subscriptions.”
He also urged shareholders in arrears to honour their capital subscriptions saying they can only grow
together as one big family, with each family member playing his or her part.”
Shareholders paying subscriptions, while the board and management comply with the dictates of good
corporate governance.
Africa could not afford to ignore the adverse effects that culminated from Covid-19 and the myriad of
challenges still being felt today. Herald

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